Thursday, 17 May 2007

Well here we go...

Got paid from work 2 days ago so tht means tht the new poker season of May can start for me! I feel I am a good player who plays amore skilled game and goes up against donks a lot of the time and get unlucky, then again I guess many players say tht, but if u watch me you would half agree with me im sure. I have so ar put £30 in my accounts and lost that, I have put an extra £20 in crypto and havent lost that yet I aim to make £100 if I can do that then I will try and withdraw but at the same time leaving a good amount to play with.

Well I will update when I have something to say about, please leave comments on the blog if you watch me play, my poker name is Moz_1986.


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portdeco20 said...

hey moz, good work. add me in your links