Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Break time

Well I've come to the fact that I can't make a profit, well at the moment anyway from poker, so i'm going to take some time out, try and polish my game up and learn some new tricks. I want to start over and have a completely new mentality for when I do return to online poker. I don't want to get rid of all aspects of my game but I want to scrap some parts like tilt play and bad bankroll management and learn new things. I will keep posting when I feel the need to express certain things and ask for oppinions and it would be greatly appreciated to have some feedback and advice on what i'm posting. I aim to be back playing mid August at the earliest so this give me 2 and a half months to polish anything up. I will however play live games but only to put these new things I have learnt into practice just so I know what they do and how well they work when laying, again I will keep you posted.



portdeco20 said...

maybe u cant make a profit cos ur crap lol, only jokin haha, gd luck mate. sorry couldnt make it to llani vs newtown other day lol. heard u lost.

Ed Hollis said...
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portdeco20 said...

try updatin now and again fool