Thursday, 16 August 2007

So So

Well busted out of the bloggerment, very disapointing, was like 20th or some crap but tried and have reached 2 final tables out of 4 tournys and am doing very well in the individual table and more importantly earning Wales the points! Am doing ok in the poker though, im mostly playing 5/10 cent blinds on cash and $2 HU SnG's. Not really much to report though im still just grinding away and not making a lot haha but its a recreational thing for me, poker that is :D, hopefully do better in the bloggerment this week and another strong welsh performance from the guys, thats my main poker thing atm, the bloggerment gr8 tourny, gr8 group of ppl and its a laugh, so all is good there, just wanna beat the damn english for a change ;), I should do alright this time, as Amatay isn't here, he is in Vegas, so he wont be able to suckout :D:D

Updates soon

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Going alright...

I have been doing alright since my last post, only 1 big win to report, it was a 4 way HU tournament, myself, gravedigger and BlueScouse and some other random from the US, well 1st round I had the US guy and grinded it out and eventually got him, in the other match gravedigger beat Blue, this set up a good match between me and gravedigger, after a couple of hands that he bluffed me out of dammit, our stacks were nearly level i marginally had more than him, but the final hand i have 95o, raise 3xbb, he calls, flop comes 975 rainbow, i push he calls instantly and im thinkin thts the only flop i'd of pushed with but an instant call what does he have?? It turns out he has 74o, a very loose call but hey its bragging rights :D, so that doubled my BR pretty much so its been jus above that level since. Playing the bloggerment tonight, i always get up for this tournament and its fast becoming my fav tournament. I placed 3rd last week and the welsh team really got some points on the board, we took over the scottish and closed the english lead, I think if we put our heads to it we can overtake them and finally give the welsh some bragging rights :D Anyway I might update again after bloggerment, may not, we shall see.

Update soon

Friday, 3 August 2007

Nice day..

A good day all in all today, I finished in the top 220 of a 2600 runner tournament to cash $30, I really needed this cash as my funds started to look a little slender, my plan was if i busted out this tournament without any money i'd put the rest of my roll on the highest table i could, just to make some of it back. But I made some and it's alright I think i'm going to leave it till tomorrow now as I've had 4,5,6,7.... a couple of beers and may not be in the right frame of mind for cash. I played so well in this tournament back to the days on crypto when I thought I was as good as any pro and did well in the MTT's there, was a great feeling to have that confidence again, anyway hopefully this has come just in time as I continue my preparation for the Sunday million. This is the biggest tourny I would have played to date and want to impress in it and make some money, to win it would be the best thing, and would help solve a lot of me and my family's problems, would be amazing! On Sunday its also the Bloggerment which I love playing and representing Cymru! (Wales for people who don't speak welsh) last time I finished highest out of our team, so a big achievement there, I was the only one in the points, to fly our flag there was class, ashame some others didn't join me :P anyway shall see this next time,

Peace out...