Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Quite a day yesterday....

Wow, yesterday what a day, 1st event of the day I played after getting some money in my pokerstars account, I bought into a triple shootout for $3.50 to qualify for the Sunday Million, 149 runners, 2 entries, I came in that top 2 and so I am now registered for the Million. I suprised myself with how well I played through that tournament but two decisions went for me that won me that entry, both were races, both times I had the pockets pairs and both times I won that was on the 2nd table of 6 I was on. Then I thought lets play some cash I donked probly $32 from what I had at my peak, and am still trying to regain some of it by playing short sharp sessions. I played a donk however today called Marcello, I hate this guy, what sort of an idiot calls an all in bet (twice) with a gutshot straight draw and hits it?? Mar - fuckin - cello thats who!! Fuming with that greasy moped riding Spanish son of a bitch!!

But also well done to PortDec20, who came 2nd in the$25K GTD and scooped a nice healthy prize of just over $3K, well done matey!

More coming soon now I have my roll back (for now)

Sunday, 29 July 2007

Live Game

Well played 2 live tournaments, didn't cash in any but I feel I was just unlucky. Against Blue and PortDeco you cant afford to see cheap flops or pay to see if your flush draw will come off, so that was a tactic that couldn't be used, and they are both crazy players, they will play any 2 cards and it seems when you have a half decent hand they have a better hand! It is lucky but you also have to respect them for making moves with nothing and having reads on players so fair enough. BlueScouse suprisingly didn't cash in any of the tournaments despite having commanding chip leads in both, I think he is more an average stack player because he just donates when he has more chips, except to me!! Well PortDeco won the first tournament which was a rebuy and add on tournament, but I think the highlight from that tournament was the comeback from GraveDigger, blinds were at 150/300 with 25 running antes' and he lost a sick hand he had AQo and pushed and got called by A4o, flop came 4x4 turn and river were blanks aswell, very bad luck and a crazy call from Hellboy, but it happens I suppose. Anyway GraveDigger was down to a mere 25 chips, and within what seemed like no time he was upto i think 8,875, nobody could believe it, and the last major hand of the tournament involved GraveDigger and PortDeco, with Port pushing with AQo and Grave calling with K10o, nothing to help either player. It was a weak call from a player that had done so well to come back, but Port is a loose player and Grave could well of had him beat or in a coin flip. But all in all a good night of poker and an entertaining evening!

Good luck all..

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Not much to report

Not much to report really at the moment I have played some free rolls and used some MPP's to try qualify for the CPC which I so wanna go on, basically cos its a holiday and poker combined which is heaven haha, nah would be ace to play in a major tournament and give me a chance to see how I fare against great players (no dis respect to anyone I have previously played). I have been busy though recently I started boxing and am training to be ready to fight, nothing confirmed yet but I just want to be ready incase something materialises and also football so both are keeping me busy so I have more in my life than poker at the moment, but still poker is very enjoyable and one of my fav things to do, come mid August i'll be back on the tables with some dosh and wanting to get those fish, so will be more interesting updates then, until then more boring free roll and what im upto updates :D

More soon....

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Long awaited post

First of all I want to apologise about not posting for a while, I've had a pasting from BlueScouse and Portdeco about it! The last month really has been a bit of a rollercoaster, in all I have deposited jus £10 into poker and banked £70, but at the moment have run out of money so can't play. Basically im using poker as a tool to help me to fund my upcoming uni course and its going alright im pleased how its going, I do aim to make a couple of hundred at least before I go there. On another note I played the Bloggerment tourny 2nite, our Wales team didnt even manage to break the top 10, which is disapointing debut for us, especially as it was only out of 24 and there were 3 of us who I generally think are very good players, it was very tight, but good fun and good ettiquette and I want to play it again soon, and make Wales the champions and to make everyone fear us =) we can all dream....

I will try and deposit if I come into any money and update otherwise I will make a point of updating at least every Sunday even if its not poker related. Even though my life is boring atm haha.

Ok update soon...