Friday, 3 August 2007

Nice day..

A good day all in all today, I finished in the top 220 of a 2600 runner tournament to cash $30, I really needed this cash as my funds started to look a little slender, my plan was if i busted out this tournament without any money i'd put the rest of my roll on the highest table i could, just to make some of it back. But I made some and it's alright I think i'm going to leave it till tomorrow now as I've had 4,5,6,7.... a couple of beers and may not be in the right frame of mind for cash. I played so well in this tournament back to the days on crypto when I thought I was as good as any pro and did well in the MTT's there, was a great feeling to have that confidence again, anyway hopefully this has come just in time as I continue my preparation for the Sunday million. This is the biggest tourny I would have played to date and want to impress in it and make some money, to win it would be the best thing, and would help solve a lot of me and my family's problems, would be amazing! On Sunday its also the Bloggerment which I love playing and representing Cymru! (Wales for people who don't speak welsh) last time I finished highest out of our team, so a big achievement there, I was the only one in the points, to fly our flag there was class, ashame some others didn't join me :P anyway shall see this next time,

Peace out...


Tom Kendal (gravedigger) said...

played mate, it all good in profit, will do better this weekend in the bloggerment im sure lol :D

portdeco20 said...

'I thought i was as good as any pro' love it, you come out with some shit :P
well done though, will be there to watch you bust out of the sunday million in the first few hands dont worry =D