Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Student life.....

Just looked its been almost 3 months since my last post, wow, I'm really slacking there, but to be honest i've just been rammed with everything, so much happening in my life now I'm at Chester uni, I play for the mens 1st basketball team, have 2 travel 30 miles for my lectures just about to join boxing again and of cours the ladies, very busy and itsthe ladies that are causing most trobe for me now! Anyway enugh of that lets get onto poker, I have played a little bit since getting here not much though but on sunday I had to withdraw all money I had in poker cos im skint I have resorted to limiting myselfto 56p bread from the shop and eating my tins of beans and spaghetti, it sucks really does, but also Ihavea job s should ease the pressure a little! Gotta mention ama-fish as well, quittin his job to play poker, at fist I thought maybe he has to think bout it but after many a convo on msn im 100% sure he has made the right choice. He will be a great pro in my oppinion, he is a good player and very disciplined and I wish him the best of luck! Anyways have to jet off for a lec!



Amatay said...

I fucking miss uni life m8, its the bollocks. Cheers for the vote of confidence too :-)

Michael said...

Hi Mate,

Can you drop an email regarding a biz proposal to michael.needham@icap.com.

Many Thanks

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