Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Happy New Year!!

Happy new year everybody and sorry for not updating a lot! I am currently experimenting sports betting as poker hasnt been earning me the money id like to earn from it so thought I would no.1 have a break and no.2 try something new! The darts were my 1st action i put £5.81 on Martin Adams to beat Martin Phillips and it gave me £2 back, its not a lot but it shows fav betting does work, especially as Adams ran over Phillips like a steam train, it was crazy, my next action is now Chelsea and Everton, I want Chelsea to win and for Joe Cole to score, if this happens I will finish the day on £21 when i deposited £10 which will be an amazing increase compared to my poker of late, we shall see, more to come......

Edit - I put money on Chelsea winning and my god what a ride Chelsea cruising I thought yes come on, easy money here, then Joe Cole gets subbed Ithought things are going downhill, then that tosspot Mikel gets sent off, silly little fuckin cunt I hate him! Then Yakubu scores and I'm thinking, right arsenal are gonna have 2 do wonders with the remains of my roll, this sucks ass.... Until the only good thingto com out the scummy blue side of Manchester pops up, glides through the air like superman and nods home!!! Thanks Shauny boy I appreciate uve earned me a nice £9!!!!!! ive entered a gay little £2.25 MTT on Hillsnow, lets hope I pick up a card worth lookin at the screen for soon! Bring on Arse-holes and Spurs tomorrow!



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