Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Quite a day yesterday....

Wow, yesterday what a day, 1st event of the day I played after getting some money in my pokerstars account, I bought into a triple shootout for $3.50 to qualify for the Sunday Million, 149 runners, 2 entries, I came in that top 2 and so I am now registered for the Million. I suprised myself with how well I played through that tournament but two decisions went for me that won me that entry, both were races, both times I had the pockets pairs and both times I won that was on the 2nd table of 6 I was on. Then I thought lets play some cash I donked probly $32 from what I had at my peak, and am still trying to regain some of it by playing short sharp sessions. I played a donk however today called Marcello, I hate this guy, what sort of an idiot calls an all in bet (twice) with a gutshot straight draw and hits it?? Mar - fuckin - cello thats who!! Fuming with that greasy moped riding Spanish son of a bitch!!

But also well done to PortDec20, who came 2nd in the$25K GTD and scooped a nice healthy prize of just over $3K, well done matey!

More coming soon now I have my roll back (for now)


portdeco20 said...

'greasy moped spanish son of a bitch'......'mar-fuckin-cello'......i fukin love it lol, well done in qualifying, wp! cheerz for the mention

gravedigger said...

yh well played mate, keep up the good work :)