Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Not much to report

Not much to report really at the moment I have played some free rolls and used some MPP's to try qualify for the CPC which I so wanna go on, basically cos its a holiday and poker combined which is heaven haha, nah would be ace to play in a major tournament and give me a chance to see how I fare against great players (no dis respect to anyone I have previously played). I have been busy though recently I started boxing and am training to be ready to fight, nothing confirmed yet but I just want to be ready incase something materialises and also football so both are keeping me busy so I have more in my life than poker at the moment, but still poker is very enjoyable and one of my fav things to do, come mid August i'll be back on the tables with some dosh and wanting to get those fish, so will be more interesting updates then, until then more boring free roll and what im upto updates :D

More soon....

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portdeco20 said...

'get those fish'? or be those fish?

when u gunna bringg money to a live tournement?

good luck boxing,......weakling ;)